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New York, London, New Delhi, Mumbai, every city, every corner, terrorism is not just killing people, but killing the human values, killing the human faith. Terrorism is not a personal cause but a social monster. It kills innocence to keep the demon of fear alive in us, but we must not be afraid. Soldiers of all the nations are not standing guard of thy neighbors but to fight against the threat of brute within the society.

We must put all our energy, talent and infrastructure to bring along everyone, and ask everyone to be a part of 1world1people movement. Innocent Children, Men, Women and animals, every living creature is hurt deep within. The innocent are so busy trying to rebuild themselves or helping others, sometimes we fail to hear the silence of threat they experience. Are the dead anything less than the martyrs, these are the soldiers who loose their lives without a cause, we wonít let it happen.

Let us put their sacrifice to work, Let us unite, stand together, tougher and ONE. Let us tell the terrorists, they havenít bombed the society, but they are bombing out the fear in us, we are unruffled. Everytime they attack us, we will stand stronger than before, we will fight a battle and tell them, they must kneel.

We all understand, love knows no boundaries, no religion, but the feeling of being together. We can be ONE religion, we can be ONE world, we can be ONE human, we can be 1WORLD1PEOPLE.

Please add your reflection to this cause, help the movement to be intense. I await your reply to be part of 1india1people, 1world1people. Your every word will add up to 1people pledge; the 1world will feel it on the worldwide web.

- Sudhir Gavhal founder

George W. Bush, President, US
"Transforming countries that have suffered decades of tyranny and violence is difficult, and it will take time to achieve. But the consequences will be profound -- for our country and the world. When the Middle East grows in liberty and democracy, it will also grow in peace, and that will make America and all free nations more secure."

Abdul Kalam Azad, President, India
Since the problem of terrorism has a multi factorial genesis, the solution has to be comprehensive and multi-dimensional one. We need a world organization to establish a society free from terrorism. This forum need to emphasize three areas, which are interconnected to each other. They are, education with value system, transforming religion into spiritual force and economic development.

Tony Blair, Prime Minister, UK
Everyone should have the freedom not to be harmed by other people. And the basic liberties of the law-abiding citizen should always come first, Tony Blair has said on the day he is set to unveil new powers to target the proceeds of crime.

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